LTS values and maintains a commitment to excellence in the delivery of high quality products, efficient, timely and responsive services.

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Featured Products


We serve our clients with our wide range of products. Our guidance along with our extensive experience enable us to bring to our customers a selection of excellent products which fit their demand.

    • Dynamite Blue
      carbonated, 0.5 L

    • Dynamite Red
      carbonated, 0.5 L

    • Orange Grapcio
      non-carbonated, 0.45 L

    • Strawberry-banana Grapcio
      non-carbonated, 0.45 L

    • Raspberry Grapcio
      non-carbonated, 0.45 L

    • Kiwi-pineapple Grapcio
      non-carbonated, 0.45 L

About LTS


We are developing our business along diverse general trading lines while providing our loyal and longstanding customers the means to assess our level of quality and our commitment to improvement.

  • A Culture of Integrity

    We are committed to dealing honestly and fairly with our employees, customers and suppliers.
  • Our vision and values

    We ensure the business we conduct is consistent with the high ethical standards that others demand from us.
  • Laws & regulations compliance

    We adhere to both the letter and the spirit of the laws and regulations that govern our business.